Dick El Demasiadoからのメール

Dick El Demasiadoから日本の友人たち宛てのメールが届きました。日本に起きていることを自分のことのように受け止め、問題の本質を見抜き、何よりも私たちのことを心から心配してくれているメッセージです。彼の知的で情にあつい人柄に胸を打たれました。ぜひ読んでみてください。(日英併記)


Dear and friends,
how are you all ?
everyday i think of japan and of what has happened to, in fact, all of us.
I don’t know how the morale is, i know the disaster has several facettes, some more disturbing than others.
i can and cannot imagine how you are living, are you cool or stressed ?

I think the world has been shocked, and there is a silence before the storm. The atomic lobby is trying to belittle and have it all forgotten, i think.
We don’t get much news anymore, here, as part of the daily newscoverage. It is always a shudder when Dutch National News has passed and Japan is not mentioned anymore.
To me we have two key historical moments now: north africa “burning” and the Bankrupcy of tecno-capitalist science as “the big solution”.

I am so embarassed in my heart, it is strange, since i felt so much with my discovery of Japan, i liked it so much, of course I still like you all, and everything was so nice, and now we are dealing with another side, where overestimated technology and overrated sense of responsability have shown their real side of failure.
How will we all get around this turn, that will anyway always be there ?

I just want you to know that i am very concerned about you all, and have you all in my mind and heart. As i write this I have a big smile since many individual faces come up, all that have given me such a great welcome and opportunity.
Please let me know how you are. Friendship is a very valuable thing.
Keep up the spirit of cumbia, trash, benevolence and curiosity !


Photo from Dick El Demasiado